Indo - English - Spanish
Almost 2000 Indonesian cards with native audio and English and Spanish translations
Casi 2000 tarjetas de Indonesio con audio nativo y traducciones en EspaƱol e Ingles
Egyptian Arabic 1k! Version 1.
Filipino Sentence Mega-Deck
2,600 filipino sentences, with recordings. Warning: NSFW
WIP history deck.
Advanced Connect 4 Openings
I suggest using this only after already having played a few thousand games to get your bearings first.
Geography Megadeck
2000 cities, states, and so on. Very sexy interface, with pronunciations. NOTE: This version of the deck is old. Gotta upload a new one.
Ear Reddening Game
Interactive deck to memorize Hon'inbo Shuusaku's ear reddening game (Go.) Click the right move to advance.
Basic Kapampangan
123 basic sentences of the language of Pampanga, Philippines. Warning: NSFW.
Turkish Multi-deck
Contains ~150 1k-style cards, ~350 audio recognition cards, and ~250 silent vocab and sentence cards
Periodic Table
A periodic table deck which is actually good
Cho Chikun Tsumego
The first 189 tsumego problems of Cho Chikun's encyclopedia of life and death, scraped from OGS user sunspark's puzzle page.
ID1k v0.1
Prototype Indonesian 1k deck. Sentences coming soon!